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Fire Starter Sessions: Vision Prompting


I’m working through Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions and filling out the worksheets here. Worksheet 7: Vision Prompting

What are your dreams?

I dream of publishing a book. A real, live physical book that I can hold in my hands.
I want this because… that is the gold standard for a writer. Because it will mean I have succeeded. Because it will mean that I have arrived.

I dream of being admired for my writing.
I want this because… it’s all I’ve ever wanted to be.  Because I need external validation. Because, deep down, I’m afraid I’m a fraud.

I dream of being a food writer on a national level.  I don’t really want to write a diet book.  I’m not an investigative journalist.  I just want to write about food.
I want this because… food is the only area I feel like I’m an expert in.  Because it’s what I’m supposed to want? (As an extension of my current career.)

I dream of being influential.
I want this because… it’s validation if other people want to know what I think.

I dream of changing the world by convincing people to eat better.  To eat well.
I want this because… I believe that we can change the world by choosing what we put on our plates. Because it seems like a good platform to run with. Because I admire people like Michael Pollan and Mark Bittman who are changing the conversation and the national consciousness around food.

I dream of being financially secure.  I dream of being able to give my daughter the best of everything.  I dream of taking her to Paris for her 16th birthday. I dream of being able to be here for her, always. I dream of being able to take care of my parents so that they never have to worry. I dream of having my daughter and all of her cousins spend a week at my house every summer—and then sending them all off to spend a week at my sister’s house and a week at my sister-in-law’s house.  A summer camp of cousins who adore each other. I dream of being able to go home to visit whenever I want, of having the financial ability and the ability within my business to do that. I dream of being able to send my daughter to college without either of us taking on any debt. I dream of retiring young and spending the last 40 years of my life living it up with my husband in exotic places all over the world. I dream of finding the kernel of knowledge that will make life as easy as a string of pearls.
I want this because… it would mean no longer having to worry about so many things. It would make my husband happy. It would mean not feeling guilty about wanting fine things and expensive things. It would change my approach to life—no longer making do to really experiencing everything.

I dream of being healthy and fit.  I dream of losing the body image issues and just being happy with who I am.
I want this because… it is something I think about all the time.  It’s one of my biggest hangups. It’s one of the biggest things preventing me from being truly happy all the time.

I dream of finding balance with food so that it’s never a chore, but a joy. I dream of showing other people that they can move beyond diets and rediscover the joy of food. I dream of figuring that out for myself.
I want this because… I believe the way has to exist.  I have to believe it.  I can’t stand restrictive diets and torturous exercise programs.  I don’t want to think about everything so much.  I just want to enjoy the pure, hedonistic pleasures of living without shortening my life.

I dream of being elegant, of having all the right clothes, of having a beautiful home, of being confident in my appearance to others on every level. I dream of being one of those women that other women look to and think, “She has it all.”
I want this because… elegance equals confidence in my mind, and I desperately want to feel confident—and more importantly, worthy of that confidence.

I dream of being a YA author.  A big, super-successful, NYT bestseller list YA author.  I dream of inviting other people to come play in my imaginary worlds.  I dream of finishing a book, finding an agent, getting published, winning awards, and getting a movie deal.  I dream of being the goddess of my own worlds, creating, painting with words, and being recognized not just as a flash-in-the pan trend, but as a truly good writer who shared a piece of her soul with the world.
I want this because… it’s been my dream since before I knew it was a dream, since before I could name it. Because it would be the culmination of a lifetime of dreams.  Because it would validate my whole existence. 


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