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Fire Starter Sessions: Glory Boarding


I’m working through Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions and filling out the worksheets here. Worksheet 6: Glory Boarding

What are your victories + accomplishments? This is your resume of wonder.

Inspired: people to change the way they shop for food.

Launched: Laughing Lemon Pie!

Earned: a bachelor of arts in moving image arts. And $40k a year as a writer/editor.

Graduated: magna cum laude with a 3.95 GPA.

Wrote: a novel-length fiction.  Award-winning food columns. A short story that got published in a literary magazine.

Produced: a beautiful baby girl.

Raised: expectations of what that local magazine should be.

Wrangled: a job out of thin air by being willing to work hard.

Traveled: to Paris, around New Mexico for a week for free.

Motivated: people I know and don’t know to eat healthier foods.

Sold: a brand new magazine to the city of Dallas.

Bought: a house.

Gave: away my first non-fiction book.

Made: myself a working writer.

Won: three society of professional journalist awards, a best magazine award, a best article award, and a best customer service award.  Also, an 8″ cake.

Organized: eight magazine timelines at once.

Transformed: myself from a dejected, beat up sad-sack into a working writer and editor.

Discovered: my passion, and that I am worth fighting for.

image  Some rights reserved by Mukumbura

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