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Review: Dull Boy


Dull Boy Dull Boy by Sarah Cross

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Avery is a 15-year-old superman, with super strength and the ability to fly, but all he wants is to be normal, dull, and not have to worry about sending his parents to the poor house with all the stuff he breaks or about hurting someone unintentionally.

But after trying to flex his powers for the forces of good, Avery finds out he’s not the only person in the world with super powers — and that not all of them are so interested in fighting for the forces of good.

Avery and his buddies were what sold this book for me. Avery’s voice is incredibly sarcastic, funny and authentic busy worrying about girls at the same time he’s worrying about figuring out his super powers. Darla, his mad genius friend, is hilarious and geeky without falling back on geeky stereotypes, and his other friends Nicholas, Catherine and Sophie have interesting and unusual super powers and stay well out of the realm of cliche.

The overarching plot seemed a little thin to me, with the threat from the mysterious Cherchette a little too mysterious for too much of the book. The questions of whether or not she had the kids’ best interests at heart, as well as Avery’s struggle to decide whether to leave his parents or not, almost felt marginalized to the scene-by-scene hijinks going on with the super friends.

Overall, though, I really enjoyed this one and will be looking out for a sequel!

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