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Review: The Blue Girl by Charles de Lint


The Blue Girl (Firebird) The Blue Girl by Charles de Lint

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rating: 4 of 5 stars
I love a book that takes an familiar trope and turns it on its ear. Forget what you know from other books about fairies; Charles de Lint’s fairies aren’t particularly beautiful, but they are a little bit wicked. I loved the way he mixed elements from fantasy, science fiction, even horror to create his world.

The characters are realistic and believable, and the issues they deal with are real as much as they are fantastic. Bullying, oppressive parents, parents who don’t care enough, image and one’s real self all come into play. Not to mention soul sucking shadow creatures, fairies, ghosts, angels and an imaginary friend named Pelly who is half boy, half hedgehog, half rabbit.

Great book, probably for slightly older YA audience. 14+ for good measure.

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